Full Impartation of the Spirit

And suddenly there came a sound from heaven as of a rushing
mighty wind, and it filled all the house where they were sitting.
Acts 2:2.
When the Holy Spirit came down on the day of Pentecost, it was
like a rushing, mighty wind. [The Spirit] was given in no stinted
measure; for it filled all the place where the disciples were sitting.
So will it be given to us when our hearts are prepared to receive it.
Let every church member kneel before God, and pray earnestly
for the impartation of the Spirit. Cry, “Lord, increase my faith. Make
me to understand Thy word; for the entrance of Thy word giveth
light. Refresh me by Thy presence. Fill my heart with Thy Spirit
that I may love my brethren as Christ loves me.”
God will bless those who thus prepare themselves for His service.
They will understand what it means to have the assurance of the
Spirit, because they have received Christ by faith. The religion of
Christ means more than the forgiveness of sin; it means that sin is
taken away, and that the vacuum is filled with the Spirit. It means
that the mind is divinely illumined, that the heart is emptied of self,
and filled with the presence of Christ. When this work is done for
church members, the church will be a living, working church.
We are to seek most earnestly to be of one mind, of one purpose.
The baptism of the Holy Spirit, and nothing less, can bring us to this
place. Let us by self-renunciation prepare our hearts to receive the
Holy Spirit that a great work may be done for us, so that we can say,
not “See what I am doing,” but “Behold the goodness and love of
God!” …
We may talk of the blessings of the Holy Spirit, but unless we
prepare ourselves for its reception, of what avail are our works? Are
we striving with all our power to attain to the stature of men and
women in Christ? Are we seeking for His fullness, ever pressing