Replace complains with Prayer

Lord, right now I will choose to praise you for your great goodness and lovingkindness. You know my circumstances, and I thank you because I can rest in your power and care over every aspect of my life.

God, I praise you for your wisdom, which has designed my circumstances to shape me for your glory and help me get to know you better. I praise you for your steadfast love, which surrounds me every minute of the day. Thank you for being with me.

Thank you, Jesus, for showing your love by dying on the cross for me. I praise you for the power of your blood which rescues me from sin and death. I remember the power that raised Jesus from the dead and lives in me to make me an overcomer. in Jesus name Amen

Worship defeats the downward cycle of complaining. It renews our minds, so that our thoughts—the Psalmist refers to our “meditation” here—will please the Lord. If you take time to praise God in the middle of whatever exasperating, stress-inducing, or plain-old-depressing situation you find yourself in today, God will transform your attitude and build your faith.

Worship honors God and renews our minds. How about reading a Psalm of worship today or turning on some Christian music? You can turn your commute—or time doing housework, cooking, or rocking a child—into an uplifting time instead of a drag.

It doesn’t matter if you praise Him with words, sing out loud, or in your thoughts, God will be pleased with the meditation of your heart as you rejoice in Him.