The heart of prayer is communion with God, listening to that still small voice, an increasing awareness of and reception of His presence and power, letting it take over. “I live yet not I, Christ lives in me.” When we are living in this sense of oneness with God, those who reach out to us for prayer support are embraced in the healing presence of divine Love, as well as the whole created order being blessed. Remember always that the Kingdom of God is here, now, outside of time and space as we know them (see Luke 17:20-21). As we experience that Kingdom evermore we are freed from the bondage of matter and the world of the five physical senses. We advance from glory to glory (see 2 Corinthians 3:18).

Our prayers for others are not about themtheir sicknesses, their problems, or their personal needs. Rather, our prayers are about God and coming into the experience of His presence. All that God is in essence, which is love, is at the very core of existence—which includes each of us and those whom we are trying to help. As we come into this God consciousness, letting it take over our lives, healing, supply, and all other human needs will be met as is best in the will of God which is always for our ultimate good. The mistake most make is to put human needs at the top of the list first and coming into the consciousness of God as All-in-All second. How foolish we are to think that all of our pleading and giving God information will somehow make things happen that we desire for ourselves or others.  Frantic prayers apart from a real experience of God avail very little.

Remember that when you spend time in deep communion with God, experiencing His presence, you indeed are sending healing waves throughout the entire created order. This is not something to be taken lightly but is actually truer that you could ever imagine. Each one of us is privileged to be a part of this healing chorus so let’s do our part faithfully. 

“The sense of peace that comes to you—the peace that passes understanding—is the healer. When you attain that, healing takes place. It is the awareness of God that does the healing.”—Joel S Goldsmith, The Art of Healing, p. 81