A Prayer for Peace That Surpasses Understanding

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Dear Father,

Thank you for not leaving us empty-handed. You have provided us the truth of your Word to help navigate us through this life. Thank you that we can bring anything and everything to the foot of the cross and make all our requests known to you. Thank you that even though “there may be trouble in the world, you have overcome the world.”  (John 16:38) We cannot survive the storms of life without your peace and we are the victors over the enemy who attempts to destroy it. 

We ask that you cover us in your peace today. You see us, and you hear our prayers. We know that even if our eyes can’t see our circumstances changing, that you see it and you are in control. Thank you that your peace is not only our guard but our guide, protecting us. 

We ask that the Holy Spirit prompt us in those moments of worry to turn toward you in thanksgiving. We worship you for being a faithful God whom we can trust with everything. We love you. 

In Jesus’ Name,