A Prayer of Prodigals Isaiah 33: 33:2

: Oh Lord, be gracious to us who stand .We have long waited for You to intervene. Be our strength every morning and our salvation in this distress. Keep us steadfast in intercession with clean hands and a pure heart. 33:5: Lord, be exalted, for You are the King. Fill the home of Your covenant families with Your righteousness. 33:6: Be the sure foundation for our times and provide us a rich store of salvation, wisdom and knowledge. Let us know the fear of the Lord, which is the key to Your treasury of good gifts and answered prayer. 33:10: Arise, Lord, stand up and show Your power to all these children of Yours. 33:13: Stop the wayward ones whose hardened hearts are running away from You. Make them hear what You have done for them. We stand in prayer and acknowledge that Your power alone can release these loved ones from their captivities. 33:15: O consuming Fire, cause me to walk righteously and speak what is right, to reject dishonesty, to stay away from wickedness and to reject the conspiracies of destruction and death through the bondage’s and addictions in their lives. 33:17: Let my eyes see the King, bow my knees and acknowledge that You reign in the universe and have rightful claim on my life . This is spiritual warfare, and the evil one has fiercely and violently contested . The battle is the Lord’s, and Jesus is the Victor, so their parents and family stand in Your authority to receive Your promises of victory.