Jesus clearly taught that THE KINGDOM OF GOD IS WITHIN (Luke 17:20-21). Paul preached “Christ in you the hope of glory.” (Col 1:26-27). Seek FIRST the Kingdom (realm, reign) of God and everything will be added to you (Matthew 6:21-34). In the realm of the Kingdom there is no sickness or lack. As we seek His Kingdom first we shall not be asking for THINGS but for more of God and His presence. The “things” that we need in our earthly existence will be added to us as we enter the reality of His Kingdom. This is a growing experience and is best achieved as we experience set apart times of Silence, listening to His voice, being willing to move beyond thoughts and words which are always far short of the ultimate truth of God.

We human beings tend to worship our concepts but they can be just as much idols as are those of wood, stone, or any form of materialism that could be mentioned. Yes, we must have beliefs but we must be careful not to displace experiencing God with concepts about Him. Whatever definitions we may come up with about God are still not God Himself but only images that can help lead us into His presence. We should not mistake images for the reality. Sincere spiritual seekers are especially in danger of mistaking information about God for the actual experience of entering His presence. As we enter into the realm of the Kingdom of God we shall indeed bring peace, hope, joy, love and healing into this world which is largely enshrouded in ignorance of God. Many think they are “witnessing” by conveying certain information about Jesus, the Bible, and Christianity. We are to BE witnesses (Acts 1:8). We can’t BE witnesses unless we are experientially centered in the Kingdom of God above and beyond every other concern in this present life.

Let these simple but very powerful scriptures speak to your heart: Exodus 14:13; Psalm 37:7; 46:10; Isaiah 26:3; 30:15; 40:30-31; Matthew 6:5-8; Acts 17:28; Romans 8:26-27; Jude 20.